Plague, The

Camus, Albert

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Based on existentialist philosophy, this novel, set in Algeria, studies people's reactions to isolation during a plague.

Comments from Groups

The book was brilliant - so many depths and hidden meanings. We would recommend this one to everyone! Hamilton 022

We had a very heavy and philosophical discussion at our meeting, apart from two people couldn't get into it! Auckland 172

Great book, thanks. Te Kuiti 003

Not an easy book but well worth reading. We had a lively discussion about the characters, their motivation and the setting of the book - North Africa's French colony in 1947. Wellington 123

Voted as not a "great' book because of little character development and it being so dark..., but it gave rise to a great discussion! Richmond 001



TAUP 005
The group found this book very hard reading, but thought provoking. Some parallels to today.