Road, The

McCarthy, Cormac

  12 Reviews

Unfolding in a terrifying post-apocalypse future, The Road traces the odyssey of a father and his young son to the coast through a desolate landscape. The father dimly remembers the world as it was and occasionally dreams of it; the son has never known anything else. In order to live, they must keep moving amid a shadowy and dangerous landscape. The relationship between father and son represents all that is good in a universe where conventional notions of good and evil have been extinguished. Their love for each other, and their sheer endurance, are symbols of hope. [Larger font]

Comments from Groups

Very beautifully written but desperately sad. Clever ending. Wellington 093

Dark but expertly written. A book you just couldn't put down! Masterton 004

A mixed reaction on this cold, bleak and dark book. However, made for an interesting discussion, especially about cannibalism! Auckland 183

Book and style of writing enjoyed and appreciated by all despite the grim setting and subject. Thames 002

Interesting format which drew one into reading on. Lively discussion producing different interpretations. Compelling reading. Papamoa 001

Very clever writing - created a lot of atmosphere with minimal writing. Lead to a lot of discussion. Wairoa 002

A journey of hope - written magnificently... Bleak and beautiful. Read in one sitting, if able. Otorohanga 003

We all felt this book was a compelling read - we were on the road with the father and son, feeling what they were feeling and seeing what they were seeing. The writing was spare but powerful. Tokoroa 001



CHCH 522
Depressing book but pleased to have read it. Not bedtime reading. Led to a discussion of how we would behave in a post apocalypse world. A couple of people didn't find much of it logical or believable. One person found the lack of punctuation in dialogue irritating. Far-fetched.
TAIH 004
Thought provoking and harrowing. Good book leading to great discussion in our group. A disturbing but compelling read. We all liked the writing style which was powerful and sparse.
Mixed reviews. Some found the story heartwarming ( the way the father looked after the son), while others found it bleak and depressing.
AUCK 153
A grim, but also compelling read. Would appeal to male readers. Very well-written.
Depressing but powerful read. Could not put it down!
NEWP 014
What a polarising book! Some too scared to read it at night or at all, while others loved it and would look past the setting to focus on the father-son relationship.
AUCK 261
Most members couldn't put the book down...but some didn't enjoy the subject matter! Good language - vivid descriptions. Generated a lively discussion.
NELS 040
An excellent book provoking lots of discussion.
Great discussion. An excellent 'book group' book, as it is a book we would not normally read, but we are glad we did. The notes were excellent.
CAMB 005
Mixed feelings about the book. Some liked it, some didn't even finish it.
A book that led to vigorous discussion and markedly divergent views. All agreed that the book is remarkably bleak and that the writing is very powerful - but people also questioned the reason the author used such obscure words on occasion when perfectly good common words were available with the same meaning. Was it a device to emphasise the strange and alien situation the protagonists found themselves in Even those who really disliked the book conceded that it was extremely compelling, and finished the book despite its harshness. A very striking book of radical vision. A flawed masterpiece.
We were surprised how much most of us enjoyed this - as it seemed very dark. Very well written and most of us couldn't put it down, reading it in one sitting!