Secret Chord, The

Brooks, Geraldine

  9 Reviews

From shepherd to soldier to king, David of the bible's Old Testament was also a poet and harpist, as well as an adulterer and despot. Narrated by the prophet Natan, this powerful re-imagining of biblical history and David's part in it, vividly transports the reader into the Israel of 3000 years ago.

Capturing the essence of this morally conflicted and flawed hero, it is a dramatic story of action and discord, bound up in faith and religion.



This is an amazing book, beautifully written, and the characters come to life in a believable manner. However it is quite dense, and violent, as were those times, and several of our members struggled to accommodate the accepted behaviour patterns of the era. Those of us who persevered to the end learned much we did not know about King David, and enjoyed the recorder Natan's perspective. We perceived David as a real man, with human flaws, who was often overcome by his human weaknesses, but who overall tried to do his best, as did Natan. A very interesting read, not for the tender-hearted!!
Overall our group found this book a struggle to get into and didn't like the violence although we acknowledged that this was true of the era and life was cheap. Those who persisted with reading the book all said it was well researched and well-written. It was very close to the Bible accounts. It didn't strike a chord with us!
Mixed reviews. Violence upset many.
TAUR 057
We were mostly pleased we read this because we all loved the author's writing, especially the way she could evoke time and place. One member who is interested in all religions absolutely loved it, another found it too violent, some struggled to get into it, but we were pleased we persisted.
The group thought the book was very well written. There was quite some discussion around the violence of the times compared to the violence and disregard for humanity today. We also discussed the place of women in those times. It was challenging read for some.
AUCK 116
The group was split on their opinion of the book. One didn't like fictional conversation of factual events, another found it too gruesome. Others found a good look at David's time to be really interesting, and the characters very real. David was such a flawed character in comparison to Solomon. Well written.
Great discussion had on a story 3000 years old. It was violent, but David's musical harp gave continuance through war and terrible events for women.
CHCH 064
A brilliant book abhorred by some, but appreciated nevertheless. Notes were minimal but had good questions which produced excellent discussion. Many wish to read her other books.
WELL 060
We had a very lively discussion - most people liked the book. Beautifully written and very detailed.