Seven Moons of Maali Almeida

Karunatilaka, Shehan

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Colombo, 1990. Maali Almeida, war photographer, gambler and closet queen, has woken up dead in what seems like a celestial visa office. His dismembered body is sinking in the serene Beira lake and he has no idea who killed him. At a time where scores are settled by death squads, suicide bombers and hired goons, the list of suspects is depressingly long, as the ghouls and ghosts with grudges who cluster round can attest.

But even in the afterlife, time is running out for Maali. He has seven moons to try and contact the man and woman he loves most and lead them to a hidden cache of photos that will rock Sri Lanka. [Taken from book cover, Sort Of Books]

Comments from BDS Reviewers

"Magnificent read! I will be buying this book for my own collection."

"Amazing book - I see why it won the Booker."

"I enjoyed this book very much, but it is definitely not for the tender of stomach. It's quite graphic at times."

"Unique, absorbing and not for the faint-hearted."

"Despite the difficult topic, the style of writing is easy to read and at times humorous."

"It is a novel idea to see the events of Sri Lanka through the eyes of the dead."

"A stark look at the tragic political and social situation in Sri Lanka in the late 1980s."

"I found it a little difficult for the first few moons, but couldn't put it down after that - an amazing read."



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