Hesse, Hermann

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A lyrical novel about a young Indian's search for truth among Eastern religions and other wisdom. Translated from the German. [Larger font]

Comments from Groups

Everyone thoroughly enjoyed this book, and all for different reasons. It made people think about their own lives and re-evaluate! Hamilton 022

We had a great discussion about spirituality and religion and their differences. Taupo 001

We really enjoyed the book - a grim topic but plenty of food for thought. Worthy of good discussion on topics such as bullying, victims, minorities, manipulation; and the importance of books, libraries and literature. We want to know more about the author. Newport 007

A book that made a deep impression on all the group. It made for a stimulating discussion - the message of the book will stay with us. Putaruru 001

A very mixed reaction to this book. Several members questioned why the author's life story etc was not presented after the Siddhartha story. Most found it of little relevance to life today, althought the theme of youth rebelling and seeking meaning to life seems ongoing! Auckland 166

An easy read, and most people enjoyed it and his style of writing. It was thought-provoking for most, and was a worthwhile read - we would recommend it. We discussed finding our 'self', and the stages of life made us think of what we have in life and the things we take for granted. Whangarei 013



TAUR 002
An excellent discussion and differing opinions on knowledge and wisdom and what the main character was trying to achieve. Some felt he had wasted his life. Some thought we should always be striving for a goal in life; others that we achieve peace only when we stop striving and searching. The river made a big impression on us all.
WANG 002
Different! Some aspects still very relevant to today's youth - agreed it was a thought-provoking read.
CHCH 099
Generally people liked this book, but felt something of a lack of knowledge about Buddhism, which we didn't feel the notes addressed.
WGTN 016
Most people found 'Siddhartha' a simple tale, which made them think about how they saw spirtuality - is it something you consciously devote yourself to, as Siddhartha did, or is something you live all the time
WGTN 012
Most of us enjoyed the book and it led to an interesting discussion on religion generally - particularly Buddhism and Hare Krishna!
WANG 011
Many of us had read this book half a century ago when we were young and idealistic. Some of our opinions had changed since then, and there was plenty of disagreement and a distinction made between the literary merit and the content of the book. One of our members described well the psychological symbolism of the various characters and Siddhartha's actions - things which most of us had missed.
PARN 001
Most enjoyed the book and it certainly created a good discussion.
People generally enjoyed the story, once they got past the narrative.
TWIZ 002
While the book was an 'easy' read, it did provoke a lot of thought and lively discussion. Many were interested by the life of Hesse, and found the introduction more riveting than the book!
AKLD 069
We had mixed feelings on this one. Half the group loved it and read a lot of meaning into it. The other half thought it was a bit ordinary, so it resulted in a lively discussion.
All gained a lot from this book - everyone at the meeting had read it.
CHCH 043
A mixed reaction to the book - it provoke a great deal of discussion which stimulated and interested us.