Survival Game, The

Singer, Nicky

  12 Reviews

If it's a game then there is not much fun to be had - fourteen-year-old Mhairi Bain is a survivor, going it alone, not too many questions asked. She is on the move, just like so many desperate others but at least she has a (supposedly) achievable destination: make her way from where her parents were killed in Africa, to her grandmother's distant home on the Scottish Isle of Arran. But easier said than done; it's checkpoint after checkpoint, obstacle after obstacle, including a young boy who may just save Mhairi as much as she rescues him.

Both powerful and easy to read, this is a compelling and thought-provoking story portraying an easily imagined future where climate change and mass migration rule the world.



MAST 014
Everyone enjoyed the book. Great insight to what might be in the future re: global warming. A book about a journey of life. Very descriptive and emotive.
Initially, 'The Survival Game' received a mixed reception from the group. However, all agreed that it was worth persevering with after the slow beginning. It is well-written with believable characters, set in the near future, and the story was sad and very thought provoking. Our discussion was vibrant. Although marketed as a young adult book, there is certainly relevance for adults. We were left wondering how the world will be for our future generations. The notes were particularly helpful.
AUCK 279
Not all the group members enjoyed this book - not a popular novel!
TAUP 006
The discussion was mainly around the ideas in the book, many of us are old enough to find the idea of compulsory death at 74 a bit challenging. Several comments made about the quality of the writing, and some amusement around the concept of Scotland having the best weather in the world. Okay book but not brilliant.
We all really enjoyed the book. It provoked a good discussion on love, belonging and rules. Would recommend to others to read.
This is the most polarising book our group has had to date. It just didn't appeal to several members - possibly because it is young adult fiction. Others found it an enjoyable read.
TAUP 009
We enjoyed this book and it lead to good discussion on the moral dilemmas it brought up. It was a nice change to read some young adult fiction.
CHCH 422
Thought provoking, sad, dystopian in nature, but close to home in terms of possibility. Good read with strong impact through the storytelling.
Book enjoyed by all, but worried that it may become a reality before long!
MAST 003
Only a small group were able to attend the meeting, and most really enjoyed it - one read it twice. Several were school teachers and used to this genre.
CHCH 033
All enjoyed the book at our last meeting. We thought it very relevant to our times, and how the environment and family turning against each other is not too far fetched!! A good read from those attending.
Powerful writing, thought-provoking in the current Covid environment - border controls etc. Strong characters, strong sense of place.