Waiting Rooms, The

Smith, Eve

  23 Reviews

When the world's medical fraternity's worst fears come to pass, and a global antibiotic crisis emerges, only those under seventy have access to the limited supply of new antibiotics. For everyone else with an infection, it is off to the Waiting Rooms, the hospitals where you don't get to leave through the front door. Through her work as a nurse, Kate Connelly is often put at risk, but it is not until she starts to search for her birth mother that she and her family are put in serious danger. And it all goes back to the start of the Crisis, twenty years earlier, and what people did and didn't do to avert disaster ...

Emotionally engaging and convincing, this is a page-turning thriller of uncomfortable but thought-provoking prescience.



AUCK 353
None of us described it as "enjoyable". We found it thought provoking, very well researched, and frightening. Well-written. Good characterisation ( although not Natalie/Lara). Very confronting for some of us with health problems or living with people with terminal illness. Several did not finish ( or even start!).
All ten of us read the book and enjoyed it. One or two initially found the changing narrators challenging, but that diminished as they got into it. It led to a good discussion about pandemics, antibiotic resistance, and our emerging aged care crisis. Overall an easy and engaging read - and provoking.
Can't say we 'enjoyed ' it but had an interesting discussion. Enough factual information to scare us all - especially those around 70!
AUCK 307
A well written and credible story, frighteningly relevant right now.
CHCH 012
Our group generally enjoyed this novel. It is pertinent to today's world and gives food for thought. The structure for some was initially confusing.
TAUR 059
Book was quite polarising with stars from 1 to 4 from the group. All agreed the premise of the book was disturbing, resistant drugs and particularly the 70+ being disposable. Most did not feel the drugs issue was that much of a stretch. Some really enjoyed the plot and characters, their meshing together as the story unfolded and the mystery being uncovered. Some felt the writing style was amateurish which impacted on their ability to engage with the story or the characters. Others commented that the skipping between characters detracted from their enjoyment, especially in the first half of the book.
The group agreed it was thought provoking and relevant to present and future health issues. We enjoyed the writing style, and although the topic was uncomfortable it was appreciated.
TAUP 006
Interesting questions in the notes. Wide ranging discussion; fair to say that our group was challenged by the issues rather than enthusiastic.
MAST 004
A fantastic dbut novel, but not for the fainthearted.
ASHB 028
Our group had the liveliest discussion yet on this disturbing book. We found the book notes by Alhana Clendon very stimulating. A wonderfully written first novel on very topical themes in a global pandemic setting.
This must be the best book we have read for AGES!! Very relevant in this time and age - a bit too relevant for those of us who are over 70!! Very well-written.
There are 9 in our group, and 5 of us read the book, finding it chilling and plausible. Storyline became a bit complex - Piet and big business was almost another story. Paranoia - let's see what 20 years will bring!! A fascinating read.
NEWP 009
Interesting discussion about this book. Some thought the subject was too sensitive; others embraced it. Our demographic group, perhaps.
Very relevant for today's Covid era. Excellent descriptions of care for the elderly. Not written in a very literary style, but a good read.
We found this a gripping read with serious themes of euthanasia and abuse of antibiotics, as well as a mystery story. It seemed pertinent especially in Covid times.
AUCK 208
I was not at our last meeting, but was told that everyone but 2 thought that 'Waiting Rooms' a very good read.
CHCH 509
We enjoyed the subject but found that it was very plot driven. There were a lot of interesting points the author could have explored which she didn't.
AUCK 039
A great read. Very topical.
GISB 005
Obvious parallels to our present situation to some extent. Good to consider possibilities, even unthinkable, in these times.
NELS 022
Cleverly constructed - we enjoyed the way it all came together. Beautifully written descriptions of Africa. The news flashes a good device. A well-written ending, well rounded and clever. Did take a lot of checking back as you read. Clear character definitions. Gripping, hard hitting and unsettling.
Scary read. So true to the times!
AUCK 301
Although initially gruelling, and sometimes the storyline unnecessarily complicated, the story was thought provoking, relevant and timely. Thank you for sending it.
NAP 005
Some of our group enjoyed the book, and had to keep reading to sort out the characters and see how it would end. Others (our group, being mainly around that dreaded 70 years of age) found the book tough going! Very topical while the world is in the grip of Covid 19.