To the Sea

Crutchley, Nikki

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'Iluka', coastal paradise and home to a family living as nature intended ... but just how idyllic is this isolated patch of Aotearoa?

Narrated by both Hurley's granddaughter Ana and her mother Anahita, this is the story of a family in thrall to Hurley's utopian vision and what must happen to keep it safe. However, when an outsider visits their artist's retreat, the mystery of 'Iluka' begins to unravel.

Gripping, darkly atmospheric and a disturbing testimony to family loyalty.

Comments from BDS Reviewers

"The story builds skilfully to its climax, with unexpected twists and turns along the way."

"I was delighted to find another Kiwi author who writes a good novel."

"Throughout the novel there is an undercurrent of danger so the tension continues to build."

"An excellent description of a NZ beach."

"Excellent descriptions and sea imagery. Clever structure."

"The book has a dark, sinister feel."

"The use of a dual timeline between mother and daughter builds tension and slowly reveals the storyline."

"Very gripping. It keeps the reader on the toes with new surprises right to the end."



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