Shriver, Lionel

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Dinner party etiquette would suggest diners not discuss money, religion or politics. Iconoclastic author Lionel Shriver would suggest no such restriction, any time, any place. In these 35 essays, speeches and op-eds, the subject matter is many and varied from cancel culture, #MeToo and freedom of speech through to cultural appropriation in literature.

Provocative, confrontational but imbued with clarity of argument, this book is a political correctness free-zone that is as fascinating as it is divisive.

Comments from BDS Reviewers

"Refreshingly honest and thought-provoking."

"You don't need to agree with her opinions to appreciate the frankness and clarity of argument."

"These essays challenged some of my opinions."

"What a discussion this book should engender!"

"Not everyone will agree with her opinions - and she has strong opinions!"

"These are opinion pieces - well supported and reached but with no pretence of journalistic balance."



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