Animal, Vegetable, Miracle

Kingsolver, Barbara

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Kingsolver describes her family's adventure from suburban Arizona to rural Appalachia as they attempt to live on a locally produced diet. Eager to prove for themselves that a local diet is not just better for the economy and environment, but also better on the table, Animal, Vegetable, Miracle follows the family through the first year of their experiment. [Small font]

Comments from Groups

Different writing style to other Kingsolver books we have read. Felt the message was aimed at Americans ...Lively discussion around the politics of food and how small groups are fighting against this control eg. saving heirloom seed varieties and how choosing to purchase food carefully can make a difference. Cooks Beach 001

This book was preaching to the converted. We all agreed already with what she [author] said. Interesting discussion around it - very political! Christchurch 313

The book took quite a bit of reading to get into it. Many just read bits but a few read it all and thought it was very informative and helpful.Taumarunui 005

A big read but worth preserving as she had a good message to sell. Even talked of sharing a cheesemaking kit! Whanganui 010

Moderately enjoyed. Although the message was good, delivery was overly 'preachy'. Tauranga 019

It was an inspiring read but at times a little hard to stay motivated - mainly in the middle -got interesting again towards the end. Christchurch 296

Most of us were impressed by all the research involved in this book and how the serious topic was given a humorous take which made it an interesting read. Auckland 006

Although U.S. centred it was found to be healthily critical of U.S policies and values. Tairua 001

We found this book interesting, informative and useful revealing some startling facts about the manipulation of food in the USA, and causing us to wonder about our own. We liked the recipes and tried some. Good discussion. Coromandel 002



AUCK 160
Some of us enjoyed this book, while others were lukewarm. Several struggled with the comparatively small print.
We read this some years ago but everyone enjoyed it and were inspired to get growing!
Having read other Kingsolver novels, we were intrigued by this one. Most liked it but had reservations. A wonderful writer with a lovely turn of phrase and a liberal sprinkling of humour. It's a very serious topic and she makes her points very well, but there's a lot of repetition which sometimes makes it feel "preachy' or even hectoring.
Most of us enjoyed the read - nobody found it totally riveting, though we all talked of passages that resonated with us or brought back memories of childhood - parents' gardens, or work we do in our gardens now. And interesting political snippets.
NELS 061
Really enjoyed! We had a very good discussion and discovered that the book is influencing our purchase decisions concerning food.
The book has inspired us to get out into the garden. It has made us look at our choice of food in the supermarket - buy locally and in season. We realised how much better home grown food tastes.
Enjoyed the writing, but found it a bit "patronising", and "preaching to the converted". Some interesting and entertaining insights.
A lot of great information, told from her depth of knowledge. Some wondered if it could have been told in fewer pages. But overall a great read, and a book for the reference shelves at home.
CHCH 277
Most found the book interesting, but were amazed at the quantities grown and processed! Rather a privileged family, already having the farm in a suitable area, and work that could be fitted in, as well as supportive daughters.