Big Twitch, The

Dooley, Sean

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As a self-proclaimed twitcher - a bird watching extremist who travels around Australia trying to catch a glimpse of as many species of birds as possible - the author pursued the goal of seeing seven hundred birds, and breaking the national record for the most birds seen in one year. In this memoir, Dooley recounts his quest, including how he spent all of his inheritance to make his dream a reality.

Comments from Groups

What a fabulous book to finish the year with. It was a very funny book, a great travelogue of Australia filled with weird, eccentric characters not to mention the birds. Winton 001

Found it hard going initially - perhaps due to unfamiliar geography of bird life. Has encouraged us all to go for our dreams and make them happen! Nelson 059

Delightful, easy style...We were surprised how we really enjoyed a book about bird watching. Opotiki 001

Big discussion about 'passion' amd 'obsession'. Turangi 001

Our group were all caught up with the humour, the thrill and the vivid descriptions which enabled you to be there...much to everyone's surprise. The topic being out of most people's comfort zone- now more interested in this aspect of the environment. Westport 001



TAUR 059
No-one finished the book. Everyone managed at least 3 to 4 chapters thinking it might pick up. Without exception everyone found it tedious. The writing did not create any interest in the subject matter or engagement in the plot This is the first time we have encountered a book that we all were in agreement about.
UPHU 003
Most people found it (surprisingly!) more interesting than a 'book about bird-watching' might have been. Much interesting info on Australia, ecology etc. as well as birds. Good humorous bits.
CHCH 109
Most of us found this a surprisingly interesting read. Thanks.
PICT 001
The discussion was very interesting and varied. Some members didn't persist with it, and there was a minority thoroughly enjoying it to the end. We admired the obsession, and also the self-deprecating sense of humour. Most would recommend it.
Enjoyed the humour but generally found it a bit repetitive.
What an enjoyable book! It gave a great picture of the huge and varied country that Australia is; and amazed us with stories of his zealous pursuit of 700 birds...It was never boring, at times gripping, and amusing as well. Several of us felt 'we now look at birds in a different way! We were glad to find out on the internet that he did find his own 'bird' in the end.
GISB 005
Some members loved it, others couldn't get into it, but we had a lively discussion. One of our group is a closet twitcher!
WELL 144
Great read. Excellent reading notes!
No one in the group really enjoyed the book. Some slogged through it, but not many. It felt very repetitive and we felt that we could have gotten the humour and point in a long essay, the book was over kill.