Bird Sense

Birkhead, Tim

  11 Reviews

Beyond the derogatory use of 'bird brain' to the more complimentary 'bird's eye view', most of us give fleeting consideration to birds and their experience of the world. This eye-opening guide to all things ornithological is the answer to our avian ignorance. From the promiscuity of the vasa parrot through to the kiwi's ability to smell earthworms through 15cm of soil, this book is full of fascinating and often amusing information and insights into the avian world.

Supported by comprehensive research and delivered in an accessible and engaging style, this book, in the process of teaching us about birds also teaches us about our own biological capabilities.

Comments from Groups

The group found this book informative and very detailed, and would recommend it as a populist text book. Hamilton 024

Really good, very readable. Nelson 017

Most found this book fascinating. The sections about New Zealand birds were especially interesting, and somewhat alarming. One of our members declared it the best book on the list she had read this year. Lower Hutt 004

Lively discussion. Very engaging writing by a 'scientific' professor. We liked the NZ references. Auckland 039

Fascinating book - unexpectedly! Dunedin 022

We thoroughly enjoyed it. Accessible and fascinating. Christchurch 099

Everyone enjoyed this book very much. A professional, inspiring, eye-opening read. Timaru 007

Those who read it enjoyed it. Well written with an interesting style. Many interesting anecdotes, and especially those relating to NZ birds and researchers. Very accessible. Auckland 166

There were no photographs - we would have loved lots of photos of all the different birds. We had a really good discussion about perception and reality, but there was some impatience with the style of writing - rather dry and formulaic chapters. But thank you - we liked the writer's enthusiasm. Opotiki 003

Everyone enjoyed this book very much. A professional, inspiring and eye-opening read. Timaru 007



ASHB 022
Not everyone read this book, but those that had an interest in science, or in birds, enjoyed the many amazing facts and thought it well researched.
JERV 001
Overall the group enjoyed this book.
AUCK 349
Another Zoom session to discuss this book - a wide spread of scoring. Generally we agreed the content was fascinating , but the writing dry! It needed some good pictures/illustrations to go with it, and a better separation of notes and credits into the appendices!
CHCH 363
One person loved it and the rest of us didnt. Very in depth and scientific and you would really have to love birds to love the book.
CHCH 449
We certainly couldn't agree with notes which lead to this choice of book :"A joy to read, simultaneously fascinating and hilarious". Although there were many interesting facts and we certainly know more about birds now, those of us who read the book found it rather hard going and felt it would be more readable if much of the history and technical details were omitted.
A book which gave an amazing amount of detail, which was described in a way which engaged our interest and gave us much to think about.
THAM 004
Wonderful book for those who love lots of interesting detail and are able to retain it ( which most of us aren't!). The sort of book you own as a 'twitcher' and use as reference, rather than a Book Club read.
WINT 001
For those of us who actually read this book, it was really interesting and informative. A book to dip into!
A real mix, you either loved it or you couldn't wade through it because there was too much detail. We noted the culture clash where the human race is the only way, which he acknowledged. You need lots of time to do this book justice. The final score was between 2 and 4 because we were divided.
NELS 002
Sometimes enjoyable books are not as good for discussion.
AUCK 116
A fascinating book with amazing facts - interesting tests to trial ideas. Well-written - a book to have a dip into.