Colditz [NF]

MacIntyre, Ben

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If you ended up in Colditz castle, you had already been labelled as trouble. Siphoning off prisoners of war who disrupted the smaller POW camps, many of these officers and their aides were notoriously hellbent on escape. Focusing on both the prisoners and their Wehrmacht guards and well supported with maps, diagrams and photographs, this is the story of life in the supposedly escape-proof Schloss Colditz.

Offering fair and balanced examination of the Colditz myth, this is an extremely readable WWII story like no other.

Comments from BDS Reviewers

"This book is very readable and very, very interesting."

"A thoroughly researched and interesting book, particularly the 'human interest' element."

"It was amazing to hear of the fortitude and creativity of various escapes and the escape attempts." "I thoroughly enjoyed the book and learnt a lot." "There's a New Zealand connection - the prisoner, Charles Upham VC; and two unnamed Māori orderlies who accompanied the Prominente group."

"The only squeamish part is towards the end during the liberation of Colditz. The rest I coped with well."

"While the book was gripping in many parts, I think it could have been shorter in length."



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