Colour - Travels Through the Paintbox

Finlay, Victoria

  11 Reviews

An account of Finlay's quest to uncover the many secrets hidden inside the paintbox. From mascara to violin varnish, from nomadic carpets to stained glass, this is the story of the efforts of artists and artisans to reproduce the rainbow, and the impact their work has had on the world.

Comments from Groups

This was a very successful choice. The artists and non artists among us all enjoyed the history and anecdotes. Some will read it again from the local library or buy it. Hamilton 024

We all loved it and two members have already ordered it from our local bookshop. A book to own, and dip into from time to time. A bit of a slog all in one go, as there was so much information. Good discussion material. Auckland 009

This was not our favourite book. Lots of interesting facts, perhaps too much to digest in a month, and several people said it would have been good to read a chapter every so often. We usually all read books to the end, not this one. We all chose a chapter or two, but none of us got to the end. Christchurch 077

3 members couldn't read it, did not finish or only read certain chapters. The other 7 found it really interesting. Some found it a hard read, but worth the effort, the others said they were pleasantly surprised at how much they enjoyed it. Whakatane 012

This book is interesting. Although it contains a wealth of information, the detail can be quite demanding of the reader. The majority were fascinated and would read more by this author. Auckland 039



CHCH 333
A 5 for most of the group. Really enjoyed.
WARK 006
We all loved the book. Many wished they had started reading it earlier than they did, as it's a long read.
The majority loved the book, realised there was a lot of information, and gave themselves time to read and absorb the fascinating facts and stories. We loved the story style, the imaginings alongside the definites, and how it was organised yet simultaneously a meandering journey. We agreed we'd like a copy to reference on our own bookshelves. We did think we'd like more pictures specific to each 'chapter'. Our discussion included dress-up, food, artifacts and stories relating to the colour we most enjoyed learning about.
This book was a marvellous surprise to all of us. Apart from the two members who selected the book, the rest were sceptical. But the book captured our interest and our imagination. It was like a treasure trove to keep dipping into. It was not a book to be rushed! Several of us are intending to buy a copy to keep dipping into from time to time.
HAVE 001
Wonderful book full of history, facts and fun. We ALL want to buy the book - first time that has happened! Everyone was delegated a colour to read in particular, and the input with art books and items was so interesting and educational.
TAUR 009
Everyone enjoyed what they read, some didn't get very far through it. Those that did would like to get their own copy as there were so many different stories and notes. It's a book that people would want to pick up and read bits of it. Discussion was great.
Everyone agreed she was too long-winded. Some found it too difficult to read, others to finish. But there was significant enthusiasm from those who HAD read it during the discussion. Most said it needed to be read slowly - a little, and often.
Well-written and easy to read with loads of information.
People who had read it found it absolutely fascinating and wanted to buy it. Those who didn't finish it found it very dense in content. Lots of interesting information but hard to remember it all!
AUCK 116
Loved the book - so interesting. Who would have thought colour could be so political and dangerous Loved the way the mysteries attached to the different colours unfold. Big subject but a very readable book. Excellent research - thought she might have been related to Bill Bryson!
THAM 004
One of the most praised non-fiction reads yet! Everyone enjoyed either reading cover to cover or "dipping". Great to pick up and put down as time allows - you learn SO much!