de Waal, Frans

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After decades studying some of our nearest relatives - chimpanzees and bonobos - renowned animal scientist Frans de Waal is well qualified to discuss sex and gender. In this informative and entertaining foray into the gender debate, he explores the complexity of sex and social behaviour of these anthropoid apes, and compares them with humans.

Challenging our attitudes and assumptions about sex and gender, this is a fascinating read, offering a clear, non-judgemental view of an often contentious issue.

Comments from BDS Reviewers

"Informative, entertaining, and thought-provoking. Well-written."

"A good balance of group and individual behaviour is described, and interesting comparisons with human behaviour."

"Informative, interesting, and easy to read."

"There's fascinating evidence of intelligence and emotion in apes."

"There is plenty of violence and sexual content - the book is, after all, about apes and gender."

"This book is important to the Nature vs Nurture debate with regard to humans."

"There's a fair bit of monkey sex going on!"



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