House in the Sky, A

Lindhout, Amanda & Corbett, Sa

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For intrepid traveller Canadian Amanda Lindhout, the experience of captivity is almost unbearable. But bear it she must: kidnapped along with an Australian friend, she is held captive for 460 days in Somalia. From converting to Islam, to positively engaging with her captors as much as she is able to, Amanda does everything she can to survive. And survive she does, triumphing over the torture and incarceration with courage.

Never maudlin, and positive in outlook, this is a powerful, unforgettable memoir that will engender much discussion. [Small font]

Comments from Groups

We thought 'House in the Sky' was an excellently written and very detailed account of the 15 months Amanda and Nigel were held in captivity by a rebel group in Somalia. We admired Amanda's mental fortitude and physical courage, but did at times question her survival under the abusive conditions. The part of the book describing her childhood and her rather naive travels through Eastern and Asian lands helped to explain her personality. Wellington 117

Two members were impressed with 'A House in the Sky', and believed it was a genuine account of the main character's life and her sufferings in Somalia. Most of us accepted that it was well written, possibly thanks to Sarah's (co-author) assistance, and we certainly admired Amanda's resilience. At the same time however, we felt that a bit more common sense and acknowledgement of fellow journalists' knowledge would have spared all that misery. Motueka 001

The book was described as grim, haunting and difficult to deal with, but all in our group read it. The consensus was that it was very well written, and very matter of fact. A good discussion followed, albeit a very serious one. Wellington 142

A good read - not as grim as expected. Waiheke 002



6 out of 7 loved it.
GORE 007
From the perspective of understanding a little of a war in a far-from-NZ place, this book opened a small window into how Somalia was over 10 years ago. A heart wrenching and compelling read.
DIAM 003
Some enjoyed it. Others were annoyed with the main character and her decisions to put herself and her friend at risk!!
We all enjoyed the book. It was an easy read and touched on a difficult situation well, painting the picture but not too detailed. Our favourite book for the year, would recommend it.
AUCK 364
Well-written page turner.
We thought the writing was very good and easy to read. The story was told honestly and dispassionately, and growing up in such a dysfunctional family probably developed her resilience and will to survive. Some did not warm to Amanda and wondered what role the co-author played in this as some passages read more like a novel. As her treatment worsened after the escape and Nigel got off lightly, our discussion included Islam and the treatment of women. We would be interested in reading Nigel's book for comparison as he did not come out of this very well in Amanda's story.