Last Rhinos, The

Anthony, Lawrence

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Conservationist Lawrence Anthony is a man with a mission. In this instance, it is to save the few remaining wild Northern white rhino that inhabit the land in the Congo controlled by the Lord's Resistance Army. As if this wasn't challenge enough, there are also the demands of his own game reserve in Zululand to contend with.

With its enthralling mix of animals, poachers and politics, this is a fast-paced, exciting story of Africa.

Comments from Groups

We were all pleasantly surprised as it was not just another book about saving animals but it had an interesting look at the world around conservation projects in conflicted areas. New Plymouth 004

This book generated a wealth of animated discussion on a wide range of topics regarding the state of the world. Lawrence Anthony's voice certainly wakes up his audience. Akaroa 002

What a wonderful book. So well written, interesting and informative. We were taken on an emotional ride through Africa. Wellington 036

We were surprised by how much we enjoyed this book. We would like to read more of his books; and enjoyed watching video clips of Lawrence Anthony online. The notes were helpful, and helped focus our thoughts. The questions sparked a good discussion about the book, and many other related themes that the book touched on. Opoto 003

Disturbing, challenging, but a book you couldn't put down. We think it should be required reading everywhere. We now want to read other books by the same author, but not straight away. Too depressing. Auckland 009

Everyone enjoyed the book which illustrated the parlous state of the Democratic Republic of the Congo and the countries surrounding it, as well as being most informative about conservation and poaching. A remarkable account of one man's passion and perseverance against all odds, to save a doomed sub-species of the Northern White Rhino. Lawrence Anthony's personality shone throughout the book - a force to be reckoned with; we were in awe of his achievements. Paraparaumu 001

We enjoyed the insight into African politics and history. Most weren't particularly impressed with the quality of the writing, despite the brilliantly interesting subject matter - though the latter made up for the shortcomings in style. Ashhurst 001

This seemed to be a very 'topical' book for the moment, with so much in the media abouut the numbers of rhinos killed, and the conservation efforts on their behalf. Wanaka 016

A great read! Whitianga 003

Our members enjoyed this very much. They even gave it marks between eight and ten out of ten. They were very enthusiastic , the discussion was stimulating and took longer than usual. Richmond 009



Everyone finished this book, although some said they did not enjoy it, finding the subject matter challenging. An interesting insight into wildlife conservation, poaching and indeed Africa.
CHCH 527
Great mix of conservation and politics . Gripping chapters of his time with the LRA in the Congo and his balance between saving any possible rhinos and staying alive .
THAM 002
Amazing book about an amazing man. Highlighted a broad range of serious issues as well as the plight of the rhinos.
Our group found this very thought provoking. We had a rather rowdy discussion following some of the questions particularly about War / corruption and the devastating effects on animals.
AUCK 107
We were disappointed in this book. Great story, poorly told.
Some of the group mentioned that they really enjoyed the parts of the story that focused on animals, BUT found the political side of the story very boring.
AUCK 056
Generally enjoyed - a different genre for most of us.
This book was enjoyed by all the members who read it. Many now considering reading 'The Elephant Whisperer'. We felt deep sympathy for Lawrence Anthony who was a passionate and caring man with unique qualities, but was thwarted by political circumstances outside his control.
WELL 205
We all really enjoyed this book. The story was both uplifting and sad, and stronger because it is all true.
MAST 013
An interesting discussion. Some enjoyed it, some didn't, though all agreed that Lawrence Anthony was an amazing man and died too young. We all felt angry about the poachers and the ridiculous myth that rhino horn is therapeutic.
This book was loved by all. Gave an exciting and very realistic view of the conservation work being done in Africa.
Very well received. 2 members thought it was the best book received from BDS so far. Good to hear about an area of Africa that we knew little about. Well-written.
Most interesting - what an amazing story!
Excellent discussion. One of our group is from South Africa, so could explain the political situation to us.
This book was a challenge to us all, not only for the terrible and criminal poaching of the rhino horns, but also the atrocities carried out by the rebels fighting each other in Africa. Well-written with short chapters, so easy to follow.
CHCH 171
We all 'loved' this book. It exceeded all expectations. It's more than about rhinos. Great insight into the complex nature of conservation and its futility. A must read.
All felt we learnt a lot and were full of admiration for the author, and the passion with which he spent his lifetime working to save and protect animals in the wild.
NELS 069
The majority of the group loved the book. Such an amazing man doing some crazy stuff!
We were a small group of only 6 who read this book but all loved it. Some got bogged down in the middle portion with the political corruption and felt it left them depressed for the future of these stunning animals. All had the utmost respect for Lawrence and his dedication to saving the species. So many lovely passages especially the communication of the elephants with each other. Highly recommend this book, thought provoking and a sad indictment on our respect for the world around us.