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Blades, Jay

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Perhaps you have heard of Jay Blades from TV’s ‘The Repair Shop’? Even if you haven’t, he’s a man worth knowing for his amazing rise from considerable adversity to being a TV personality, a furniture restorer, businessman, recipient of an MBE, and an all-round likeable chap known for his kindness.

Of Jamaican heritage, he grew up in East London facing poverty, racism, police brutality and eventually homelessness, but today he inspires others with his compassion and positivity.

This easy-to-read memoir with its open, frank approach and conversational style, really is the story of a repairman repairing himself.

Comments from BDS Reviewers

"I'm a huge fan of 'The Repair Shop' and enjoyed reading the book. Bit of an eye-opener in some ways (27 siblings!)."

"Fans of 'The Repair Shop' will be particularly interested in this book. It is uplifting because it really is a 'self-repair' story."

"Written in a conversational style and while it's not a literary read, it is written with a disarming honesty."

"Very easy to read. An interesting life-story and Jay has a very positive outlook."

"What I will remember most about this book is his honesty. It was interesting to read of the racism he faced as a child and his violent response to that."

"It's a pleasant read, but a bit 'once over lightly' in some respects."

"Although Jay is very honest about his faults and failures, he also exhibited a boastfulness that jarred a little."



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