Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil

Berendt, John

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Literary non-fiction comparable to another true crime story: Truman Capote's In Cold Blood. Berendt, an unknown journalist from New York, befriends the enigmatic, southern gentleman, Jim Williams. The author leads us into Savanna's culture and people, interweaving the experience with a crime of passion. [Small font]

Comments from Groups

There were varying reactions to this book, which always makes for good discussion. Some thoroughly enjoyed it, whilst others couldn't quite see why it had been described as a 'phenomenon' and was such a success. Having enjoyed his 'City of Fallen Angels', some were disappointed. The notes were very good, and we agreed with the writer that it was a cultural taste issue. We also discussed the role of journalists in society, and the fine and sometimes arbitrary line between fiction and non-fiction. Coromandel 002

We all enjoyed 'Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil'. His writing of the people involved was so clear and concise that it almost seemed that they were ready to walk out of the page and carry on with their lives, alongside us...Tauranga 005

Half of us loved "the gossipy nature" of it, and half of us didn't like it at all! Dunedin 061

Most of us found this an excellent read. We loved the quirky characters and the descriptions of life in Savannah, although we did find the trial rather drawn out... Rotorua 006

We all enjoyed this book. The scene setting of the first half of the book was quite delightful in its observations of Savannah and its inhabitants. We thought the writer talented, and listening to him interviewed recently - modest about what he had achieved. We look forward to reading his recent book, set in Venice. Wellington 071

Some found it interesting, fun, quirky and a great read; others found it hard to read, muddled and boring. Christchurch 220

We all loved this book, and had a lively discussion on our favourite characters, and 'faction' as a genre. Coatsville 001



Many of our group had read this book before, but were happy to do so again. Everyone enjoyed it!