Palipana, Dinesh

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'Doctor-lawyer-disability advocate-researcher'. This list in itself is impressive, but Dinesh Palipana can also add, 'has quadriplegia'. A car accident while in medical school resulted in a spinal cord injury that profoundly changed his life, but persistence and resilience along with the support of family and friends win out: Dinesh is now practising in one of Australia's busiest hospitals.

Refreshingly honest and written with passion and humour, this is the inspiring memoir of a man who doesn't take 'can't' as an answer.

Comments from BDS Reviewers

"This book is truly a source of wonder and inspiration."

"The author's determination to succeed and his joy in life shine through his narrative with a refreshing honesty."

"Dinesh was named Queenslander of the Year. My friend in Australia said he is greatly admired."

"His love for his mother and his mother's support of Dinesh is very heart-warming."

"The style is very 'conversational' and easy to read. He includes a lot of inspirational quotes. Clearly he did a lot of reading, some of it very deep philosophical material."

"While this book could not be considered great literature, it is carefully, honestly and passionately told. It's written in a very 'conversational' style, a down to earth type of writing."

"I would definitely recommend this book. We all encounter setbacks and challenges in life and we all encounter other people who are in difficult circumstances who can use our encouragement and support."

"An inspiration for any age group or ethnic group. It's hard to imagine anyone who wouldn't have their ideas challenges and who wouldn't find this a source of inspiration."



We all agreed he was an amazing man - facing adversity, he just got on top of things. The fact is, it made him a better person and a better doctor.