Jamie, Kathleen

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Merging past and present, nature and culture, the twelve essays contained in this collection share with the reader both a deep appreciation of the environment and a reminder of the transitory nature of humankind. Describing momentous happenings, whether it is the events of Tiananmen Square, her children leaving home, or the Yup'ik village of Quinhagk, the site of a 500-year-old massacre, poet Kathleen Jamie brings clarity, warmth and deep reflection to these initially disparate but ultimately connected vignettes.

Part memoir, part travelogue and part nature writing ... complete delight.



THAM 004
Most enjoyed the variety of places and cultures described. Not a lot of discussion of the lifestyles or artifacts.
AUCK 353
Only one person read the entire book. We all agreed the writing was very beautiful, but after 2-3 essays we mostly became quite bored. All agreed that the Inuit story was the most successful. This was a book that is probably better kept to dip into at times when one is in need of a soothing read.
All enjoyed this little book of essays, finding the archaeological sites so interesting; and appreciating the poetic descriptions of the natural world. One member had visited Labrang, and compared her experience of the place 20 years later. Jamie links her experiences and feelings about life, past and present, so well. Good discussion, and helpful notes.
PICT 002
Everyone enjoyed the writing. Learnt the value of history to indigenous communities.
NELS 002
Everyone (except me) loved it - found it a joy to read and very interesting.
NAP 024
One member couldn't stand this book and another liked it so much, she was going to buy her own copy! Lively discussion. Many liked the author's beautiful descriptions of the landscape. She created a picture . One member compared some of the archaeological pieces to ones seen at the Auckland museum.
WELL 022
The group was divided in their response to the book, with those who enjoyed it being enthusiastic about their enjoyment and keen to read more from this author. All agreed that it was a different type of book from others we have read from BDS, and was a welcome change. Those who enjoyed it commented on the sense of spaciousness captured by the author, and the gentle touch with which she observed interactions. The questions generated a wide ranging discussion - rich in personal anecdote, and left those who hadn't finished the book wondering why.
HAVE 016
The most fascinating and in-depth discussion the group has had all year as we shared our individual 'surfacing' stories of lost, hidden and buried stories and artifacts, as we travelled the world with Kathleen Jamie.
TAUP 004
Comments included, " her writing flowed beautifully... a reflective book that touched on large was a 'musing'...this book had me hooked from the first story... ordinary stories made interesting...I found it a bit soporific".
THAM 002
Beautifully written and easy to read.
CHCH 179
Beautifully written, but a bit boring in parts. Interesting concepts and the settings were great. Slow and reflective.
AUCK 216
Unusual; beautiful turn of phrase and interesting subjects.
Interesting and informative in regards to the archaeology, but not everyone liked the writing style.
NELS 040
Two of our group bought this book having enjoyed it so much. Very well-written.
WINT 001
Apart from one member, we loved this book for both the fascinating information and beautiful writing. Quite a few said that it was not a book they would have chosen from a library so were surprised by how much they enjoyed it.
Loved the book - beautifully written.