This is Not My Beautiful Life

Fedden, Victoria

  13 Reviews

The arrival of Federal Agents on the doorstep of her mother and stepfather's southern Florida mansion, was the first hint to nine-months pregnant Victoria Fedden, that the 'let's play happy families' scenario she was happily embracing, was not going to last. Heading off to trial on multiple charges of fraud, Cecily and Joel are going to be out of the picture, taking with them the Hollywood lifestyle they have all been enjoying. In the meantime, Victoria must traverse the challenges of childbirth, the reassessment of her dysfunctional family and the spectre of post-natal depression.

Messy and vicariously hilarious, this engaging memoir is elevated by its powerful combination of honesty and humour, and its hard-won insights. [Larger font]



AUCK 422
This book was largely disliked... we felt it was superficial, tedious, and unrealistic. The main character, Victoria, showed no self awareness and was hugely neurotic and needy.
RICH 005
Most found the story compelling but unrealistic. Victoria's neediness and "spoilt child" personality were felt to be irritating. Her problems were first world and self-centred. Interesting however to read how life in well-off America is lived, and to read about the colourful characters in the book.
NAP 011
This book certainly won't make our top 10 list!! It was hard to believe that this book wasn't fiction, as the author's account of herself was intense, over dramatic, self-focused and we all kept thinking, could this really have happened Only in America.... However, the values of love, loyalty and endurance did shine through.
KAIK 001
Not our favourite!
GORE 005
Mixed reviews. Most thought the book started well, however the second half was quite slow.
CHCH 176
There were a few grudging positive remarks from a few of us - the rest refused to even accept anything of any worth. It was so alien to our careful middle class values - but there was some interest from some of us as to how American crooks lived!
WINT 002
Light hearted read - a crazy life. It was quite unbelievable at times!
AUCK 171
Those who finished the book enjoyed it, but many were not engaged enough to continue. A messy and chaotic storyline left readers confused.
Random, bizarre and hard to come to terms with such a dysfunctional family. An eye opener! Made for discussion.
WELL 094
A good book - just not a great book. One person really did not like it - which created good discussion.
Well-written, however most of the group had a problem with her acceptance of her parents' corrupt lifestyle. Also felt that she was a bit "whiney', considering her self-indulgent, affluent lifestyle.
HAVE 005
We had a mixed reaction to the book; one member loved it, some found it amusing and were astonished by the family's over the top lifestyle, others found it a bit tedious and didn't finish it.
AUCK 037
An easy read; humorous for some and brought back memories of early childhood and women we have met. A spoilt, neurotic young woman who frustrated us, along with her dysfunctional family.