Whatever You Do, Don't Run

Allison, Peter

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All set for a brief OE, Australian teenager Peter Allison heads off to Africa only to have it turn into a prolonged OE when he becomes a safari guide in Botswana. There are plenty of mistakes along the way but fortunately the advice of the title is heeded and Peter lives to tell the tales of the fascinating animals and people he encounters.

Settle back, put your feet up and immerse yourself in this warm and entertaining story of Africa, animals and adventures galore.



Light and not demanding. Many read it as a series of short stories rather than straight through.
ASHB 009
Everyone loved the book. The author has an easy way of writing and is very amusing. More of a fun read, although he does give the reader a good idea of what a safari entails, especially if he is the guide!
A light enjoyable easy read that brought out a lot of storytelling from our group so we had a fun discussion.
NEWP 016
We all found this an easy entertaining read and enjoyed the visual images it conjured up of safari life in Botswana.
Definitely a light read, interesting life style, in African bush with no prior knowledge. TYPICAL boy errors of judgement! Enjoyed insights into animals.
This book is an easy, light read that can be easily put down and picked up over time. We decided that Allison was a great story teller and found this collection of memories to be funny and entertaining. Our discussion centred on conservation and the alarming rate of destruction of natural wild animal habitats and forests around the world.
We gave this book a two and a half. Some found it an easy read and enjoyed the anecdotal style.Others compared it to a 'boys own adventure story'. Our discussion focused mostly on the environmental aspect and the racial equality issues. I'm not sure we all realised that although published in 2007, the book covered the 80s and early 90s. Two of our members had had safari adventures,one six years ago in Botswana and one earlier in South Africa. As a result we have decided to watch the DVD dealing with Botswana's emergence as an independent democracy.
AUCK 413
Even those in our group who enjoyed the book agreed that it was a very light read and a book needs to have more substance for a book club. We forced ourselves through the questions so that we could feel we had given it our best, but it did not generate much discussion. Most enjoyed learning about the habits of some animals.
AUCK 116
A light hearted romp through 'safari-ing' in Africa. An easy and amusing read - a good start to the year. An easy going, kind and caring young man with a love and knowledge of the animals he showed to others.
MAST 010
We all loved this book. Highly recommend it!
CHCH 268
Mixed feelings, some enjoyed it and found it quietly amusing, others found him irritating. Easy anecdotes to read but many failed to finish.
The group enjoyed this book which on the surface seemed at first quite 'fun' and superficial. It had hidden seriousness however in the personalities the author had to deal with, while rendering a sometimes hazardous service for which they had paid to be entertained and to be kept safe. He needed psychological insights, great patience and tolerance, and a great sense of humour which shone through in his attitude and dealings in most situations. It was a pleasant and easy read and enjoyable throughout.
CHCH 110
On the whole, our group was pleasantly surprised by how enjoyable this book was. We found it entertaining, interesting and informative about a way of life most of us know little about. We agreed that the author has a deft touch with storytelling; his injection of humour appealed. We liked the way each chapter dealt with a particular aspect of his experience, so the book could be read in short, complete bites.
An interesting collection of stories. Some were disappointed that there was no conclusion and also thought that he made some very silly decisions. His knowledge of animals and their behaviour made for interesting reading. Easy read.
An easy to read book. A touch of humour with an appreciation of the majestic elements of life in South Africa and Botswana.
CULV 001
We all found it a thoroughly enjoyable read - a great insight into the safari guides' life and work, and the amazing knowledge of the animals, both large and small, that they learn and impart to their safari customers! A fascinating read.
CHCH 240
This book was enjoyed by all our members and one of our group had actually been to the same game reserve and was able to discuss her view of it along with the author's view. An easy read, very anecdotal with a lot of humour. It just goes to show the "stupidity" of some tourists and what they think they can do in the vicinity of wild animals. Recommended for a light and enjoyable read.