All Blacks Don't Cry

Kirwan, John

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Aptly subtitled, A Story of Hope, this is the account of All Black John Kirwan's experience of depression. Written in a simple no-nonsense style, it chronicles the challenges he faced and overcame with the help of his family and friends. With its responsible observations and insights, this book provides useful information and advice that demystifies this debilitating disease and offers hope to those who suffer from it. A courageous and inspirational read. NZ Interest [Larger font]

Comments from Groups

Mixed feedback, enjoyable read, would have liked a bit more about his life in Italy, but generally a really courageous, amazing story and such an honest man. Hastings 007

This book made for an engaging discussion....Some readers found it a little repetitive and not for them but the majority found it an easy read and useful for most readers. Motueka 004

A book that would help a lot of people. Our group thought it was brave of John Kirwan to be so open. We would recommend it. Christchurch 071



NELS 086
A useful book for those faced with depression. Too confronting for some of our readers.
Lots of interesting discussion.
TAUR 043
Some didn't bother finishing due to the repetitive nature of the book. Those that persevered enjoyed the book, and felt that it will help them identify signs and symptoms of depression, and strategies for coping. All agree it is an important message.
ASHH 001
We had a wide ranging discussion about this book, from teaching our 2 Americans about rugby, to sharing stories around several friends and relatives who had been helped by this book. Brilliant literature it is not, but it doesn't (shouldn't in fact) need to be - very accessible and a book for its time. John Kirwan was very brave to share his story and has done many New Zealanders a huge service. It's great that Prince Harry is likewise keeping the discussion on Mental Health going.
We didn't feel this was a particularly well-written book - no great literary example. But we did admire the man himself and the stance he took to bring depression into the open; and his work with the Mental Health Foundation. A good work.
TURA 003
Our group really got a lot out of this book and had a great discussion. It's fantastic for a men's book group.
NELS 020
Brave and inspirational. Great resource especially for NZ males. Some found the format too repetitive.
CAMB 001
The best discussion we have had for many meetings, as nearly all members had been involved with depression in some way.