Not Set in Stone

Vass, David

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Before a life-altering accident in 2015, David Vass, one of New Zealand’s pioneering mountaineers, had no reason to think his career as a mountain guide wouldn’t continue ad infinitum. But a broken neck and incomplete tetraplegia put paid to this adventurous life in the great outdoors, forcing him to find new horizons.

In this lyrical memoir, he has found a different way to share this mountain life with others, extolling the joy of a deep connection with nature, and detailing many colourful climbing adventures.

Comments from BDS Reviewers

"Very well-written. Descriptive, lyrical, evocative and inspirational."

"I found it enthralling, exciting and gripping."

"I don't often comment on a book's cover, but this one is perfect for the book."

"Vass's book certainly makes one think. I think it would be a good book to discuss."

"This is not a woe is me book, it's really interesting."

"There's a lot to reflect on in this book. I recommend it for anyone who enjoys biographies or memoirs."



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