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Outback Teacher
Gare, Sally & Marnie, Freda
Wilder Life, A
Louwrens, Joan
Calculating Stars, The
Kowal, Mary Robinette
Arctic Fury, The
Macallister, Greer
Sanders, Cristina
Miss Benson's Beetle
Joyce, Rachel
Lam, Laura
Ondaatje, Michael
James Hector
Nathan, Simon
Pigeon Tunnel, The
Le Carre, John
News of the World
Jiles, Paulette
Black Water
Doughty, Louise
Outsider, The
Forsyth, Frederick
Moor's Account, The
Lalami, Laila
Carrying Albert Home
Hickam, Homer
Rat Island
Stolzenburg, William
Van Velzen, Marianne
Not Set in Stone
Vass, David
Mask of Zorro, The [QR]
Rollason, Jane