Last Thing to Burn, The

Dean, Will

  5 Reviews

In a cottage in a corner of an English field, Lenn and Jane unhappily co-exist. Jane wasn't always called Jane, and this isn't the life she was seeking. But now, seven years down the track, Jane has even more to lose and all she needs is a moment's inattention from her husband ... her jailer ... her owner.

A dark and harrowing contemporary tale of human trafficking, this is a story of courage and resilience and the sweet possibility of revenge.



CHCH 319
No one wanted to read this book but as soon as they'd started it they couldn't put it down. A lot of discussion about modern day slavery/domestic violence. Beautifully captured the landscape. Excellent, spare writing. An "easy" read, but not easeful.
CHCH 512
One of the most captivating books we have read! Can't say we loved it because the situation was awful, but most of us could not put it down. The record was 2 days for the first person to finish it.
AUCK 256
Great ending but it was hard to get there!! Is this really a contemporary tale - hard to think it is still going on.
Not everyone could cope with this subject matter, but those that did loved this book. Great pacing, a palpable sense of tension and imminent danger - and great relief at the ending!
AUCK 355
Awful, but had to read! Many read in one sitting.