Last Thing to Burn, The

Dean, Will

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In a cottage in a corner of an English field, Lenn and Jane unhappily co-exist. Jane wasn't always called Jane, and this isn't the life she was seeking. But now, seven years down the track, Jane has even more to lose and all she needs is a moment's inattention from her husband ... her jailer ... her owner.

A dark and harrowing contemporary tale of human trafficking, this is a story of courage and resilience and the sweet possibility of revenge.

Comments from BDS Reviewers

"Gripping! The atmosphere of dumb menace engendered by the farmer and helpless despair felt by the woman is graphic."

"The pace of the story adds to the richness - day after day, week after week."

"Appeal does not describe the engagement of the reader. 'Appalled fascination' might be more apt."

"This is not for the squeamish, or those who do not want to care for their neighbours. Great read, though!"

"This story, although dark and hard to read at times, is gripping - a real page turner."

"Shines a light on the human trafficking trade."

"Not for those who have suffered abuse."



AUCK 355
Awful, but had to read! Many read in one sitting.