Sea of Tranquility

Mandel, Emily St John

  2 Reviews

In 2401, Gaspery-Jacques Roberts, a detective from the Time Institute is tasked with investigating an unexpected phenomenon experienced by a handful of people, reaching back to 1912. From a forest in British Columbia to an airship terminal in Oklahoma City centuries later, there is a mystery to be solved - an anomaly in time.

Clever, elegant and rich with metaphysical speculation, this is a compelling story of our world, past, present and future, of human nature, pandemics, moon colonies and front and centre, the nature of time.

Comments from BDS Reviewers

"An elegant, easy-to-read writing style."

"Imaginative, cleverly done and well-written."

"The mystery at the heart of the story is intricately woven through and not resolved until the end of the story - making it compelling reading."

"The author manages to make you care about each of the characters intimately."

"It was incredibly easy and quick to read but the subject matter felt rich and personal."

"Compulsive read with heaps to discuss." "Pandemics - past, present and future - feature in a matter of fact manner, making this a topical story."



STEW 001
Great characterisation, imaginative storyline and original use of words. Variation in chapter length and style was appreciated.
A lot didn't finish the book - great surprise ending! Opened up discussions around space exploration, and the amount of money wasted on Mars travel!