Loop Tracks

Orr, Sue

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Charlie Lowry has a story to tell, a particularly New Zealand story: from her 1978 teenage pregnancy with its abortion or adoption dilemma, leapfrogging ahead to the arrival of the Covid pandemic.

It's all here with her parenting of her grandson Tommy (now off to university), the constraints of a Level 4 lockdown, and even the 2020 General Election with its euthanasia and cannabis referenda.

Poignant and appealing, this thoughtful story of family, choices and consequences, integrates real-life events of New Zealand past and present, perfectly capturing the zeitgeist of an evolving society.

Comments from BDS Reviewers

"Very readable with well-drawn believable characters."

"The local landscape - especially as a Wellingtonian - is refreshing with faces and places I recognise."

"Extremely well-told story. Characters are appealing and the story is easy to read."

"I don't think people in 1978 were generally treated this badly when pregnant. But it is fiction and a minor point."

"It's a great book and my only reservation is the book discussion - it could reawaken some painful memories."

"Could be uncomfortable for some - 'unlawful sexual connection', abortion, drug abuse, grandparents raising grandchildren, lots of 'F' words."



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