Find Me Unafraid

Odede, Kennedy & Posner, Jessica

  19 Reviews

Growing up homeless in Kibera, a slum in Kenya, Kennedy Odede received a book of Martin Luther King's speeches that changed his life and inspired him to start Shining Hope for Communities, a local youth group. Several years later, irrepressible Wesleyan student Jessica Posner travelled to Kenya to work with SHOFCO. Soon, she and Kennedy fell in love. After returning to Wesleyan, Jessica discovered that Kennedy was threatened by political violence. She helped him escape by convincing Wesleyan's admissions committee to offer him a full scholarship.

Once they'd finished college, Kennedy and Jessica returned to Kibera to found a school for hundreds of its most vulnerable residents: girls. They later opened a sister school in another slum, Mathare. With help from the community and donors around the world, they also provide water, health care, and entrepreneurial programs to tens of thousands in both places, and are determined to improve the lives of countless more.

Tender and inspiring, Find Me Unafraid vividly illustrates the power we all have to impact the world, and stands as a testament to the transformations made possible by true love. [Taken from book cover - Ecco Books]



AUCK 465
Very thought-provoking discussion. The group noted that change in the community needed to come from within, and that women held that power. Jessica and Kennedy were the catalyst for change. The organisation still operates.
CHCH 446
Excellent read - very inspiring story which generated a lot of discussion and appreciation of our lives! Would recommend.
All 12 of us thought it an amazing read - much discussion.
HAVE 016
Everyone in our group agreed this was the best book we have read all year. We were in awe of Kennedy and Jessica and how together they have changed the world. Life in the slums was almost beyond our comprehension, and the obstacles that Kennedy overcame were inspiring. We all liked the way the book was organised and agreed it was very readable.
An inspirational story which we were all very glad to have read.
AUCK 389
Mixed reaction to this book. All agreed that Kennedy was an exceptional young man. Some members found Jessica culturally insensitive at times. All were shocked at the violence of the Kenyan election aftermath, and couldn't recall the extent of it in the international news. Became repetitive by the end of the book. However a book of hope, and young people making a difference.
ASHB 008
Fantastic, inspirational book!
A powerful inspiring read. Every member was glad to have read this book and it engendered much discussion.
AUCK 255
An inspiring, uplifting read. Reminiscent of The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind in how someone can rise above the challenges and hardship of poverty.
A wonderful and inspiring read. Everyone enjoyed the book which told such an amazing story of two special people and their journey to help people in Libera. What is even more amazing is that they succeeded in their goals in spite of the lack of resources, violence and corruption.
AUCK 210
This is a powerful read, so much so that our members have decided to donate the money we spend on Secret Santa to SHOFCO.
Fantastic book - several members got husbands to read as well!
CHCH 202
The whole group found this to be a surprising, uplifting and very inspiring story of the real difference dedicated people can make in a very challenging environment. Recommended reading.
Our whole group felt this was one of the most memorable and inspiring books we had read for a long time. We were so amazed and excited about SHOFCO and the fact that Kennedy and Jessica are still very involved with its existing and future projects, that we are looking to make a financial contribution to their cause. We have never considered doing this during our 40 years of membership.
NELS 007
A wonderful book. These 2 exceptional young people, proving that it is possible to change outcomes for those in poverty, and social inequalities. We were in awe of their energy and resolve.
All of us were amazed by the accomplishments of Kennedy and Jessica. The writing was well done, telling the story of Kennedy's childhood and extreme poverty, interspersed with chapters of Jessica's plunge into the slums of Nairobi, and then decriptions of their joint lives and efforts. Ultimately, this is also about an abiding love between two people of different races, cultures and education.
NELS 002
Remarkable people, interesting book.
Really interesting insight into life in Kenya. Found the love story was more like fiction than non-fiction, but enjoyed it.
WELL 117
Challenging but very worthwhile reading. Generated a lot of discussion.