Our Missing Hearts

Ng, Celeste

  3 Reviews

In a disturbingly imaginable future USA that vows to uphold 'American culture' through its draconian laws that restrict what can be read or viewed, 12-year-old Bird Gardener and his father know to lie low. Three years earlier, Bird's mother Margaret, a Chinese American poet regarded as a dissident, disappeared, but when Bird receives a mysterious note, he doesn't hesitate to go in search of her.

Both heart-breaking and hopeful, and with its complex themes and lyrical writing, this is a cautionary tale of the importance of words and storytelling, the unbreakable bonds of family and the power of collective small actions.

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TAUR 059
We all agreed it was a good idea for a book but that it didnt actually translate into a good book. Most found the book an easy read and felt it wasnt hard to see how the premise would be possible. All those who had read any of the author's previous books were disappointed. Most felt the characters were poor and therefore they did not really engage with the story. Most did not like the ending, feeling it wasnt really one.
A story that touched on relatable topics, especially our opinions on how a mother should/would act or give up, how out of control some situations can be, and sacrifices made for selfless or selfish reasons This book caused some deep discussions, with 70% of the group liking it and 30% not liking the story. Interesting and thought provoking.
NELS 011
Highly recommended by everyone, excellent read, almost too close to home. "Utterly compelling and scary". So relevant to our times, very thought provoking.