Raised from the Ground

Saramago, Jose

  5 Reviews

The Mau Tempo family hail from southern Portugal. Peasants denied the privilege of land ownership, the family suffer generations of poverty and toil, abused by those with power and money. From the formation of the Republic through the two world wars and the rise of communism, this story chronicles the events that frame the Mau Tempo's relentless struggle and political awakening.

Lyrical writing and the authenticity of this semi-biographical novel offer a thought-provoking read, enhanced by its relevance to the changing political landscape of contemporary Europe. Translated from the Portuguese.



TAUR 061
This was a bleak read with most jettisoning half way through. The stream of consciousness style was the challenge. Nonetheless, for those of us who persevered there was an acceptance that we liked the inter generational characters, felt their pain and gained an understanding of not only the history of Portugal but also the age old issue of oppression. Our discussion reminded us that no matter where we look there are always the have and the have nots. The question is how can we secure equity for all
NELS 044
Not an easy read. But we all recognised its worth and got through it. We learnt a great deal about the history of Portugal and its difficulties joining the modern world.
WELL 042
Members enjoyed the book and found it to be well-written.
CHCH 064
Many struggled with the depth of misery. The book notes were excellent and helped us appreciate the intent of the writer. This book produced excellent discussion, and we came to the conclusion that the Nobel prize was deserved, after first questioning this.
A brilliant book by an extraordinary writer. One or two felt it was a 'hard' read, but most were immersed in the world he created. For once, a 'narrator' was not annoying but added insight and sometimes humour to a rather harrowing story.