Shades of Grey

Fforde, Jasper

  9 Reviews

Imagine a society where your place in the social hierarchy is determined by your ability to perceive colour. We see this world through the eyes of Eddie Russet, a nineteen year old, sent to the Outer Fringes as punishment for his innocently subversive ideas about queuing. His journey of political enlightenment begins when he meets Jane, a lowly Grey. Combining elements of romance, mystery, suspense and comedy with original ideas and quirky wordplay, this story is a bemusing yet enthralling adventure in an Orwellian world.

Comments from Groups

This book produced strong reactions both ways, either unable to read beyond the first pages, or saying it was one of the best written books they had ever read! Lots of discussion about colour blindness and rules. Alexandra 003

This book required concentration to understand the fantasy theme and setting. Those who did read it were rewarded. Martin 003

Provoked a long discussion. Blenheim 007

Diverse reaction from group. Lively discussion, whatever people thought all agreed it continued to be thought provoking long after the read. Auckland 280

Generated great discussion. The group as a whole really enjoyed this one. Wanganui 013.

Thoroughly enjoyed by all members and several will read the subsequent books in the series. Quirky, humurous and socially observant - entertaining and engaging. Wellington 153



NELS 072
The most random details in a story we've ever read. Keep persisting and it will make sense in due course! Very interesting themes around categorisation of people.
ROTO 003
Many found this book hard to engage with. A couple of us persevered and found it fascinating.
MAST 004
Comments ranged from "weird", to "brilliant -best book I've ever read".
CHCH 376
A surprise holiday read for our group, this turned out to be loved by the sci-fi and mathematically-inclined in the group and ho-hummed by the rest. For those who can engage, the humour is exquisite, identifying many of the quirks which exist in everyday life and which are accepted without question by most of us. Our general beliefs on prejudice, love and morals get a thorough skewering in a most entertaining way.
During the first couple of weeks, our group was clearly divided over this book, it was either love or hate. However, once we met up, many of the haters had switched sides. We generally agreed that the pace was slow to start, but got quite exciting in the second half. We pretty much all felt like we were left with more questions than answers, and a little frustrated that he hasn't even written the sequels yet!!
WELL 036
Very intriguing and funny, some said. Others started it but didn't think it was worth pursuing.
WELL 153
Thoroughly enjoyed by all members, and several have searched out and read the subsequent books in the series. Quirky, humorous and socially observant - entertaining and engaging.
Some found it too weird. Some LOVED it. If reading it quickly a lot of the depth can be missed. Many felt they needed to read it again.
Those that persevered enjoyed this quirky novel - initially a challenging style, but humorous if you stick at it, and left some wanting more.