Age of the Warrior, The

Fisk, Robert

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A selection from Robert Fisk's - Saturday columns from the Independent from 1998 to 2007. Fisk, is best known for his insightful, witty and always outspoken articles on international politics and war-torn recent history. These 'Comment' articles cover a wide array of topics, from his soldier grandfather; to handwriting; to the Titanic - and of course President Bush; terrorism; and Iraq. [Big read}

Comments from Groups

We all enjoyed Fisk's writing.... We agreed that he was passionate on the subject of Palestine and cynical about the aims and behaviours of vested interests in the U.S. and elsewhere. Perceptive writing. Auckland 088

A very worthwhile read. Some of the early articles are quite chilling- because we know how things turned out 10 years later. Enjoyed the biographical input.... Auckland 020

Challenging, informative, totally engrossing - thought provoking. A difficult read, but worth it. Chrischurch 060

...There was a great deal of discussion. Comments ranged from Fisk having alot to contribute to Fisk having a one track mind: anti America and Israel. We all enjoyed the pick up-and-put-down format. Most found it well written with an engaging style and freshness..... We agreed that basically it is a chronchile on man's inhumanity to man, depressing in that there are no solutions.......Several members.... feel with its factual background information it makes an ideal reference book and intend to purchase a copy for home. Cambridge 001

We liked the layout of the book which allowed the reader to read and comprehend the content of each atricle. We appreciated Fisk's language and the way he writes. Everyone felt they had learned a great deal about the middle East and the politics of those governments that had become embroikled in the various wars in that region.... Paraparaumu 001



CHCH 527
Fisk is a brutally honest observer and reporter of the many tragedies playing out in a never ending cycle in the Middle East. Most of us found the book hard going - with touches of bitterness and repetition of some themes. But the book provided a lot of feedback from our mens group and a great interchange of ideas - very thought provoking .
UPMO 002
Excellent writing. Still very relevant to the Middle East.
CART 003
Can't believe this book is not in the catalogue anymore. Our group enthusiastically rated it as the best book we have ever read on the Middle East and the best read of all of our BDS books. We all learned so much from a courageous journalist who candidly exposed the hidden and harsh realities he lived, observed and researched. He is knowledgeable, remarkably unbiased and an outspoken critic. Robert Fisk was truly a hero, a one of a kind journalist. Our discussion of the book was both profound and very informative. 10 out of 5 stars.
NELS 089
Very good book. Led to very good robust discussion. Solid reading.
AUCK 335
Not an easy read, very long and the content was often disturbing but we all thought it was worth the effort. A few of the articles seemed very outdated as so much has happened since they were written ten or more years ago.We thought the best approach was to read a few articles at a time from different chapters.
A very solid read. Harrowing, but very thought-provoking. One could cherry-pick articles.
This was a most thought-provoking read, and provided a fascinating discussion. It was a good book to 'dip into' and not necessarily to read all in one sitting.
What an amazing read. Robert Fisk is so knowledgeable and experienced in matters 'Middle East'. All our readers had similar views and discussed the book with enthusiasm. Many had followed Robert Fisk's columns in the New Zealand press and were familiar with his very readable style. He certainly pulls no punches. Some were more interested in the use of language rather than the subject matter ( some of which was dated). We unreservedly recommend this book.
We had an excellent and wide-ranging discussion - all considered it a worthwhile read. Robert Fisk is an exceedingly good writer with the knowledge and experiences to tell it like it is. He has a sharp eye and knows his stuff, and is quite scathing of world leaders, yet treats each side equally. This book makes you aware of how little you know of the situation and the amount we are not told is truly alarming. It was certainly an eye opener into the motivations and conduct of all nations involved.
AUCK 153
This book provided us with plenty of good discussion, despite the fact that none of us read the whole book. A bit too much of the same theme throughout.
HAVE 012
A heavy reading book to finish the year, and many didn't finish. One read the notes then went from extracts to the pages. Great discussion on politics, journalism and influences.
CHCH 099
This is the best book we have read so far. Everyone agreed. It was so interesting and informative, and broke down many of our stereotypes and misinformed opinions. The man is a hero! He also writes with great lucidity and style.... Our group's rating is 5 stars.