Believer, The

Krasnostein, Sarah

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Take six ordinary people, add a quest for meaning, weave through a strong conviction, and examine the weird and wonderful stories that result. From Mennonite missionaries to paranormal investigators, from a death doula to creationists, journalist Sarah Krasnostein respectfully tells their stories of belief systems that are often startling, but always heartfelt.

Written with compassion and empathy, these six portraits of the human condition offer unique insights into our longing to make sense of life, death and everything between.

Comments from BDS Reviewers

"As far as subject matter for discussion goes, this book is a goldmine."

"The stories are unique and offer insight into belief systems most people would probably not be familiar with."

"Well-written and researched."

"The author is mostly non-judgemental about some seriously 'out there' theories."

"The writing is clever and erudite and gives excellent insight into these beliefs."

"Great discussion topics."

"The six characters and their beliefs are often not easy to identify with."

"Krasnostein is a talented writer and I enjoyed some of her more descriptive phrases and passages."

"It is part biography, part commentary, part philosophy. It's not a book for all."

"While I found it very interesting overall, at times I was left feeling a little intellectually inadequate!"



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