Dancing in the Mosque

Stanizai, Zaman

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Growing up, Homeira Qaderi was a stroppy teenager daring to homeschool girls in Afghanistan under Taliban rule. Her rebellious nature never abated and following marriage at seventeen, life as a refugee in Teheran, opportunities for higher education and then a return to post-Taliban Kabul, she remained staunch, particularly when her husband decided to take a second wife.

Promptly divorced for her defiance in opposing his intention, her toddler son was taken from her (as permitted by Afghan law).

In this powerful and riveting memoir, the author, a writer and activist for women's rights, shares the story of her life and directly addresses her son who was told she was dead.

Comments from BDS Reviewers

"Absolutely engaging, and beautifully translated."

"It's a heart-wrenching and powerful read."

"Absolutely amazing read."

"It's a powerful and eye-watering read. I only hope she is able to see her son again."

"The book covers a hugely eventful period, told sparsely and concisely in many respects."

"I found the earlier chapters moved more slowly, the later chapters became mor significant and seemed more animated."

"It's an incredibly sad story, but as it's quite a small read (212 pages), it's not difficult to read."



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