Favored Daughter, The

Koofi, Fawzia

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From her childhood in a violent and sexist society, to becoming the first female speaker of Afghanistan's parliament, Fawzia Koofi's life is an extraordinary story of courage, determination and perseverance. A leading candidate for the 2014 presidential election, Fawzia's achievements challenge the stereotypical view of Muslim women and offer to her countrywomen the vision of a very different future.

The combination of personal story and political detail delivers a compelling memoir of an inspiring woman and the country she loves.

Comments from Groups

Brilliant book. A very brave lady! Gave us a more personal understanding of the past and present situation in Afghanistan. Masterton 013

We were shocked by how women were treated in Afghanistan. It elicited most interesting discussion of western and middle-eastern culture.

Very thought-provoking. Everyone felt they had learnt something about Afghanisation and its history/politics. Everyone was glad they had read it. Auckland 155

Really enjoyed it. We learnt a lot and it generated some excellent discussion.

Most of us liked the book and all felt great admiration for Fawzia Koofi. The writing drew some criticism - the product of two authors perhaps? Wellington 007

A very good discussion. A book that has changed our perception and understanding of Afghanistan women. Invercargill 017



NELS 085
Interesting book if a bit dated.
AUCK 256
Interesting book about the history of Afghanistan. What a shame she isn't in line to become Prime Minister, but it would have been a big 'ask' in that country.
MAST 007
A most insightful read.
Enjoyed by most - the notes and questions as always making the book even more interesting.
WELL 153
A very interesting insight into lives and politics in Afghanistan. Some people found the language a little stilted - perhaps the result of a more journalistic style The general feeling of the group was that Koofi was privileged so had the means to 'escape' from persecutors and danger - what ability would the ordinary citizens of Afghanistan have to do the same We also questioned her choice as a mother to continue to pursue her political career knowing that her daughters could be left as orphans. Overall an interesting and worthwhile read.
RICH 001
We all enjoyed reading this wonderful and inspiring book. We watched her speech for TED on a member's I-Pad. Our discussion was intense and lively. We would heartily recommend this book to other groups.
Interesting read - informative and thought provoking.
This book came at such a poignant time, when all that Fawzia Koofi had hoped for her country and was achieving, has been swept away by the return of the Taliban. The book and the political situation sparked much discussion in the group.
Much enjoyed by group, and a real eyeopener to how other people live.
A very interesting book with great insight into the lives of Afghan people. It brought about great discussions with differing views.
WELL 181
Good discussion about topics raised in this book. Most people really enjoyed the way it was written.
RAUM 001
Great story material was let down by poor writing and editing. However, we learned a lot about Afghanistan.
The feedback was this was that this was a remarkable story about a woman's first hand account of what it was like for her and her family living in war torn Afghanistan, in a culture that believed women were 2nd class and just these to do the cooking, washing and running the home. For a highly intelligent woman, who was also ambitious, this was not an easy fit. It was also a chilling in depth insight into a country torn apart by civil war where brutality, torture, rape and murder were all everyday occurrences. We all thought it was an excellent read.
THAM 007
Everyone found it fascinating/horrifying, and it touched all of us. Great discussion as from the start we were polarised, "I loved it", or "I hated it".
METH 001
Very interesting re culture, however quite confronting. Challenging content.