Freezing Order

Browder, Bill

  6 Reviews

Reader beware - although this story sports all the components of a thriller - money, power, corruption and one man prepared to take on the archvillain - this is a work of nonfiction.

Subtitled 'a true story of Russian money laundering, murder and surviving Vladimir Putin's wrath', in this book, Bill Browder moves past the events relayed in Red Notice as he continues to seek justice for the death of his Russian lawyer, through the now internationally supported Magnitsky Acts.

Compelling and almost too incredible for words, this is the sobering story of a determined financier dodging the crosshairs of the Russian state.



TAUR 023
Several members didn't read the whole book. Those of us who did found it interesting and informative.
RICH 007
Some of the group didn't read it, possibly due to pre-Xmas activities, or found that it needed perseverance to read it. Those that did found it very interesting, informative and scary, with a premonition of a global future uncertainty.
A book that gave pause for thought - we now read Russian/American news with a lot more interest. Very good discussion - gripping! Scored 4.5, but a few thought 5.
AUCK 248
Interesting to those who finished it. Epilogue very insightful, and worrying about Putin's war with Ukraine. Not such an easy read for those that struggled. Too many names made it hard to follow.
AUCK 183
A book that most of us would never have picked up, but very pleased we read it. Fascinating reading and well recommended.
This was a very different type of read for our book club and probably led to the most discussion we've had on a book in a long time. Well-written and easy to read, this story held your attention and tested your beliefs. Utterly incredible and thought provoking story.