I Am Malala

Yousafzai, Malala

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Malala Yousafzai captured the world's attention when she was shot by the Taliban in 2012 when she was fifteen years old, for fighting for the right for girls to be educated. From the remote Swat Valley in northern Pakistan where she lived, through to the hallowed halls of the United Nations in New York, after a remarkable recovery, Malala has continued her campaign advocating for universal access to education.

Enhanced by the contribution of renowned foreign correspondent Christina Lamb, this is Malala's story: powerful, hopeful and above all, inspiring.

Comments from Groups

We all found this book disturbing but inspiring. It was not an easy book to read, as there was so much background material on the situation in the Swat area of Pakistan.... Christchurch 058

This is an inspirational book, enjoyed by every one of our members. We would thoroughly recommend it to other groups. The narrative style coupled with detailed descriptions of Malala's culture, history, religion, economics and everyday life, create a spellbinding read. This book gives an insight into the daily struggles and oppression that makes up the lives of women and girls in Pakistan... Nelson 023

Our group found this book thought provoking and an enjoyable read. The background detail on the area was informative and well told. A good read. Auckland 332

We had a very interesting discussion, although about half the group found the first part with all the history very confusing, and hard to remember. Palmerston North 001

We agreed that this was a book that we 'should' read, and it did create discussion. We also agreed however, that it was difficult to read as it was neither story nor journal, though narrated by a very intelligent young woman. It was also a very solid, intense read. Napier 016

Good information on Pakistani history. We felt the father was the real hero! Christchurch 176



AUCK 335
The group found this interesting though written in a rather pedestrian style. The historical and geographical material helped us to understand the complexity of the situation in Pakistan (and Afghanistan). There was admiration of Malala and her father, also of her mother whose role was/is clearly important. We discussed the importance of education, the need for it to be based on values, the significance of fundamentalism in all faiths, and reflected on the possible future(s) for Malala and her family.
Inspirational and educational. We are all glad to have read this book, and appreciate this wonderful illustration of the philosophical idea that a) one courageous person can bring about change, and b) education can offer the world opportunities for amazing new insights. In addition it was heart warming to read of the worldwide support offered to this amazing young girl in the fields of medical and social support. We would recommend this book to anyone interested in courage, peace and politics.
MILT 002
Every single member enjoyed this book - although parts were horrifying due to its content, we all felt we learned a lot, and were also captivated by Malala herself and her wonderful father. It provoked great discussion on the huge world issues of freedom of religion, human and in particular, women's rights, and the dangers of fundamentalist attitudes.
AUCK 006
A book we felt should be read by everyone, especially by those who hate refugees, especially those who are Muslim. She tells her story with no beating of the chest and crying "Woe is me!" It is a very honest account of not only her life in Swat and to a lesser extent in Britain, but of the on going occupation by the Taliban and the effects it has on Pakistan. She deals in a straightforward fashion about the constraints put on both women and girls regarding their freedom, and the fears concerning the ordinary people in the area whose choices were curtailed under the regime...
CHCH 001
An excellent book for discussion. Most found it a good read. Presumably the co-author played a large part. Some found it rather dense and confusing with its large cast of characters. Good discussion.
NEWP 001
Our members really enjoyed this book and felt they gained a much better insight into the history and politics of Pakistan. It was well written, hard to put down, and a delightful picture of a remarkable young woman.
TAUP 005
An inspiring and informative book. Would be a worthwhile addition to a teenage reading programme to help foster understanding between cultures.
We were interested to learn about the history to Malala's story. She is fortunate to have such an enlightened and progressive father, though many wondered if he was using Malala as a vessel for his own beliefs. Pakistan appears to be a social and political shambles that may never be fixed.
CHCH 378
This book will be hard to beat. The whole group loved it and we strongly recommend it to any group. We are keen to follow Malala's journey through life and look forward to the sequel maybe.