I am Nujood, Age 10 and Divorced

Ali, Nujood with Minoui, Delph

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The title says it all. This is the unforgettable account of the first child bride in Yemen to be granted a divorce. Receiving international attention, Nujood's short and simply told story lays bare the customs, culture and circumstances that made such an event possible. Co-author Denise Minoui sets this story in context, highlighting the plight of these child brides. [Larger font]

Comments from Groups

Sparked a healthy but sobering debate and reflection. Enjoyed read. Good book. Palmerston North 025

We felt the topic was a sobering one - making our Western angst seem rather pitiful. The plight of many women is not improving in these countries where traditions of honour preside eg India, Maldives. It was fascinating that Yemen, the city rich of elite, could be so oblivious to the lifestyles of the rural and city poor. Auckland 285

We all appreciated the book both the "shocking" and "sad" contents and the arresting writing by the author. We reflected on how fortunate women are generally in NZ. Wellington 130

We all agreed that the writer failed to do justice to the story of an exceptionally brave and spirited girl. Perhaps the double translation of the girl's own words and then from the French contributed - part to turning an inspirational story into something flat and unconvincing. Methven 001



CHCH 050
Members felt educated about a different culture, but felt absolutely appalled by the practices that are accepted within that culture. Very sobering.
DARF 004
Only ok. Felt drawn out and like it could have been easily condensed to half its length. Follow up on the author left us all disappointed.
Interesting; it created a lot of discussion.
DANN 001
Fascinating story. Led to a long discussion on honour, and what it means to us all.
AUCK 090
Nobody in the group thought the book was particularly good or well-written. It did however spark a great discussion around the topic.
NELS 050
This book sparked an emotional discussion around children's rights, society's judgement, pride, honour and cultures. Although the book gave a harsh reality check, most were pleased they had read it, and we all consider the child to be brave beyond most.
OMAR 001
We enjoyed this book. An enlightening read without being despairing.
AUCK 100
The bravery and tenacity of such a young person is truly amazing. Her story led some members to a Google search to find out what has happened to Nujood. It seems that little has changed for the better in her life, and we wondered if she will achieve her goal of becoming a lawyer. This story had a very sobering effect on us.
NELS 021
A disturbing tale of a brave little girl.
THAM 007
While the book was interesting , the voice didn't ring true, and most felt there was something "missing". Huge empathy felt for the child (children in this position) but this text didn't really 'click' with the group (except me!).