Language of Kindness, The

Watson, Christie

  9 Reviews

Although she would be horrified by the unresolved funding challenges of the profession she launched, Florence Nightingale would be delighted to endorse this tender and candid story of modern nursing. Following the author's 20 years of nursing practice in NHS hospitals, this is a factual and compelling exposure of what it means to be a nurse: the patients, the love, care and compassion and the toll it takes.

Presenting the individual stories of patients as well as the history and principles of nursing, this is a remarkable story of the nursing profession in action, revealed through the experiences of a warm and empathetic practitioner.



Discussion was lively and comparisons made with present day medicine. Some thought the text was too technical, others found the detail interesting. We all appreciated the role nurses play in our lives, and what it means to be a nurse and to care.
Promoted wide ranging discussion.
CHCH 336
Only one in our group didn't like or finish the book. Others thought it was well-written, compassionate, and gave a great insight to nursing for those of us not in the profession ( four of us are practising nurses).
Those with nursing experience felt this reflected nursing as it was some years ago, as modern day nurses just don't have time for such care. We enjoyed the brief history of nursing. Some found it a hard read, especially when children were involved and had been ill-treated, but overall an engrossing read and an insight into a nurse's day to day experience.
MAST 013
Enjoyed by all though a bit drawn out in places. Not for the squeamish, but an indication of what nurses see and do every day.
CHCH 294
An interesting insight into nursing in UK hospitals. Not that different from NZ. Well received by everyone.
CHCH 125
Some in the group were disappointed - thought they would enjoy the subject matter, but found the writing disjointed. Very sad at times - a commentary on the shortfalls of the British health system. Moving at times too.
CHCH 324
Everyone read and mostly enjoyed. Some found it hard to get into, but all glad they had read it. A new appreciation of nurses, and their dedication.
MILT 002
Great discussion around this book. Four of us gave it a 5, and two gave it 4.5, so the majority of us LOVED this book. Lots of ethical issues to talk about.