Life on our Planet, A

Attenborough, David

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A household name and with decades of international experience under his belt, broadcaster and historian David Attenborough is a man with a powerful message. In this 'witness statement and vision for the future', he outlines what has been done to the natural world, and spells out how it is possible to remedy the damage that has been inflicted.

Part-memoir, part-manifesto and part-blueprint, this is a sobering account of the mess we have made of the natural world, and crucially, how to restore balance to our planet.

Comments from BDS Reviewers

"It's well-researched but doesn't overwhelm with bad news."

"I was relieved that New Zealand looked so good."

"I loved this book, and my husband enjoyed it too. I'll be buying my own copy."

"The first book I've given a 10/10 rating. Not only are the words great, but pictures and illustrations too! The perfect read for me."

"It's a sobering book but ultimately hopeful."

"This is a 10/10 for ease of reading and early engagement and that's remarkable considering the story he's telling. I wouldn't trust hearing it from anyone else."

"There isn't a more distinct and dulcet voice than Attenborough's and I wouldn't want any other person to read me this confronting story."



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