No Escape

Turkel, Nury

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In 1949, life changed forever for the Uyghur people of Turkistan; their land handed over by Stalin to the Chinese Communist Party, followed by an ongoing campaign of forced assimilation. Author Nury Turkel is a champion for his people, a human rights lawyer and activist, and a commissioner for the United States Commission on International Religious Freedom.

In this important and eminently readable book, Turkel's lived experience and extensive research reveal the many horrors of genocide and crimes against humanity inflicted on the Uyghur people.

Written with respect and sensitivity, this is a riveting and shocking account of the Uyghur crisis.

Comments from BDS Reviewers

"I think this is a really important book and one that needs to be read widely."

"I think this is a book that would appeal more to those with an interest in world affairs, rather than any particular gender or age grouping."

"I am pleased I read this book as I am more informed, but there were parts that I found difficult to read. Such inhumanity."

"The research for this book is impressive, including the recovery of stories."

"This book is not for the faint-hearted. It is difficult to read of the torture, but we need to be able to read it and take notice."

"I found this book a riveting read and once started it was hard to put down."

"An eye-opening story of life as a human rights campaigner. An amazing story of struggle and sacrifice."

"By telling individual women's stories and family stories, the author adds numerous emotional layers to this book."

"This book is also a remarkable expose of the Chinese 'One China Policy' and what it means for China's more recently acquired territories."

"Individual stories are heartrending. I was in tears as I read of the war on Uyghur women."



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Comments included, "I found it harrowing, but it's a very important book... I'm so pleased to have read it... Very confronting. Very topical...The author has done an excellent job...I'm so pleased I read it".