Orwell's Roses

Solnit, Rebecca

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On one hand there was his passion for social justice famously expressed through his classic works of literature, and on the other, was his unexpected passion for … gardening. At the centre of this story is George Orwell, writer, political thinker, and avid gardener.

Part biography, part personal memoir, and with thought-provoking rambles through nature, art and politics, this book is a fascinating foray into the life of one of the most influential writers of the 20th century. [Small font]

Comments from BDS Reviewers

"This collection of chapters, almost essays, reads like a conversation with a thoughtful, literate friend."

"A fascinating collection of essays. Excellent writing."

"I enjoyed the whole book. In fact, more than enjoyed. I will buy it for my own collection."

"Easy to read despite the depth of research."

"The work encompasses many periods in Orwell's life and presents him in a fresh light."

"This is a book to reflect upon and enjoy."

"I think rural people in particular will enjoy this book. They are aware of and fiercely protect the environment which is their living."

"The book shows George Orwell in a much more sympathetic light."

"There are so many topics! One needs to read it slowly several times."



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