Our Last Best Chance

King Abdullah II of Jordan

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Written by Jordan's reigning monarch and dedicated to the people of Jordan, this powerful memoir offers the reader an insider's perspective to a tantalising possibility: peace in the Middle East. With great clarity and insight, King Abdullah provides the historical and contemporary context to this window of opportunity.

Along with an inspirational personal story that includes his unexpected ascension to the throne, this book lays bare the urgent challenges of the Middle East in easy to comprehend detail.

Comments from Groups

We all found it VERY interesting. Good discussion. Christchurch 282

A great read to end the year. Everyone found it interesting and informative. Very well written. Waiheke Island 001

Good book, good discussion. King Abdullah has integrity and humility. Taumarunui 003

Great political discussion! Hamilton 007

The book went down very well, people even getting maps out to see where every place was. Auckland 013

Without exception we all found this book excellent and interesting. We had a lively discussion. Wellington 041

Not a quick read book. It raised questions regarding politics/religion ... An interesting insight from a point of view different from what is usually heard on popular news. It generated good discussion. Christchurch 258



NELS 009
An excellent book. All those at the meeting were very grateful to have been given an insight into the Middle East from a different perspective. Well worth reading indeed!
WELL 134
Only one person didn't enjoy this book. We had a very lively discussion and were reminded of all "the players" in the Middle East story over so many years. We admired King Abdullah's quest for peace, but were not encouraged by all the previous failed attempts. One of the members had brought a map which made it easier for us to see Jordan's boundaries in relation to other countries.
A difficult read, a really unbalanced view we felt, and only one of us read more than 1/3 of the book before getting fed up! Good wide-ranging discussion though.
WELL 022
Really interesting perspective . A book which helps understanding of a different way of viewing governance of a people, and the immense frustration the Palestinian people live with on an on-going basis in the face of Israeli intransigence.
CHCH 393
Took a while to get past all the introductory comments, but an amazing story with a personal element in a political situation. The YouTube clips on the Jordanian Royal Family add additional information, especially on Queen Rania. Inspiring!
TAIH 002
We all thought the book was well-written and reasonably well balanced, only a few members finished it. Excellent material for discussion nonetheless.
This was a challenging read and nearly half our group chose not to read it. The readers found the story hard work, but they felt they learnt a lot regarding the geography, politics and religions of Jordan and surrounding countries.
Not everyone managed to completely read this book, but it did not matter too much as we all learnt a great deal about the conflicts in the Middle East. Nobody had any answers to solve the complex situation!
We found the start very difficult and this put off a lot of readers. It got going if you persisted and many learnt a lot.
We all found it a very reader-friendly book, even with the difficult subject matter. It's very enlightening. Everyone should read this book.