Killers of the Flower Moon

Grann, David

  22 Reviews

When the Osage Indians were relocated from their ancestral lands to Oklahoma, huge wealth was on the cards when oil was discovered under their new reservation. But it was not long before dozens of members of the tribe started to die in mysterious circumstances. When the people investigating the deaths are also killed, it is the nascent FBI, under the directorship of the young J. Edgar Hoover, who steps into the breach and exposes a chilling conspiracy.

This is a detailed and fascinating story of the early FBI and the shocking real events of the 1920s American West whose legacy remains with the Osage tribe today.



WELL 022
The group felt we learnt a lot from reading this book. Interesting to see the fledgling role of Federal bureaucracy at a time when the state, corrupt as it was, had the power to sanctify murder.
AUCK 210
Hard to fathom that this is a true story that only happened last century, of how white Americans deliberately killed off Osage Indians for their oil rights, even when some of them were married to (and had children with) them.
THAM 002
Well-written and researched book. Good discussion on marginalisation of indigenous peoples. Now we will go to the movie.
Not a book to be enjoyed - rather a compelling read. Everyone was glad they had read it, as we learned a lot about a subject we knew very little of.
ASHB 028
This is an astonishing story of white supremacy and maltreatment of fellow humans. Very small print but most members were pleased they got to hear the story.
A great read and harrowing story, but an important piece of history to learn through a well-told tale. FAB!
CHCH 299
Everyone found this book an interesting read that covered an historical event no one in the group had heard of. Good discussion book.
CHCH 194
The topic was unknown but hugely interesting. The scale of corruption and racial prejudice was so overwhelming. We are left with our own consciences to judge where we sit today and where society is heading.
ROTO 013
A very interesting part of history but not an easy/captivating read.
None of our group were aware of the history of the Osage Nation and the injustices they suffered. We are better informed for having read the book and appreciated the many photographs. However diverse views expressed on the writing style and readability.
HAVE 012
All our group thought this book was enthralling and well-written, with amazing detail in the research the author undertook. A very good glimpse into a particularly disastrous period of US history in Oklahoma, with far reaching impact. We also thought the many photos throughout the book gave us a real 'feel' for the people.
NELS 023
We all thought it was an important book to read, as most of us had no knowledge of the Osage tribe or the tragedies they suffered. We felt that the writing was "all over the place" and there was no real conclusion. We look forward to the movie.
WELL 008
All read this book and found it quite fascinating, but it was also a disturbing book with regards to how the Osage people were treated. It was also interesting how none of us had heard about it. Fascinating about the FBI, and how the phrase PI came about.
AUCK 166
Those who read it loved it. Detective story; very well-written and lyrical. Not a factual account. Indian first nation perspective. Much more than researching the event of grand scale ethnic cleansing, and manipulation of Indians by whites...
Beautifully written, well researched. Research very cleverly integrated into the story. Contrast of how people (eg. Hale) presented, and the length they are prepared to go for gain. The book prompted good in depth discussion. Length and complexity of questions reflected the strength of the book.
None of us had ever heard of the Osage Indians prior to reading this book. While on one hand it was hard to believe that this level of corruption happened and went unchecked for so long, the unfortunate thing is that this still happens and not just in the USA. Prompted discussion about how indigenous people have been and still are being treated as inferior and not able to manage their own land/money etc. Thought provoking in the extreme. Very well researched and as a group we plan to see the movie.
Enlightening and thought provoking.
HAVE 011
Great story, but told a bit stolidly. Shocking, but generated a lot of enthusiastic discussion.
WINT 001
Everyone really enjoyed reading this book, in part, because it is about something they knew nothing about. It led to discussions ranging from the rights of the Indigeous people of the USA and to different ways to view the environment, through to Hoover and the FBI. We all commented on the amount of research that was needed to put this story together.
Interesting bit of American history none of us knew about.
We really enjoyed this book, if enjoyed is the right word. It was well-written; hard to believe that people can be so greedy. Looking forward to the movie.
AUCK 354
Two of us loved it - the rest not so much.