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Favored Daughter, The
Koofi, Fawzia
Beyond Religion
His Holiness the Dalai Lama
Caleb's Crossing
Brooks, Geraldine
Peace Like a River
Enger, Leif
Cowley, Joy
Insatiable Moon, The
Riddell, Michael
I am Nujood, Age 10 and Divorced
Ali, Nujood with Minoui, Delph
Nine Lives
Dalrymple, William
Wolf Hall
Mantel, Hilary
Mr Rosenblum's List
Solomons, Natasha
Sparrow, The
Doria Russell, Mary
Hesse, Hermann
Gee, Maurice
My Name Was Judas
Stead, C.K.
Miss Garnet's Angel
Vickers, Sally
Married to a Bedouin
van Geldermalsen, Marguerite
Infidel; My Life
Ali, Ayaan Hirsi
Gospel of Judas, The
Mawer, Simon
Robinson, Marilynne
From the Holy Mountain
Dalrymple, William
Davita's Harp
Potok, Chaim
Color of Water, The
McBride, James
Breaking the Habit
Graham, Judith